“I don’t like maths. I am just not good at it.”

“I don’t like maths.  I am just not good at it.”  Those were the words that shocked and saddened me when my 7 year old came home from school one day.


I had enjoyed maths at school and, having lived and worked in schools for many years, I knew it was important that he didn’t get switched off from maths at such a young age.

I started to wonder if it could be different.  If there was another way to teach maths and install a love of learning and confidence in using numbers.  I wondered if teaching a positive Mindset could be the way to help children succeed in maths.


Because in reality there is no getting away from maths – it is one of the core subjects and will be until a child is 16 or 18.  Even beyond school, maths is part of life.  From budgeting for holidays, to working out change in the supermarket; from knowing if you will run out of petrol to working out how long until you reach your destination.  We all use maths in our daily lives.  So to be switched off from that at age 7 or 11 is just not OK.  Not everyone is going to get an A in their maths GCSE, but everyone is capable of understanding maths.

So the idea grew and grew the more I worked with children who found maths hard.  Perhaps it could be different, perhaps some children just need some more focussed and more creative learning.  And that is where the idea for Make Maths Work came from!


From the class teacher of one of my students (KS1 student):

Just to let you know that Ellie was ‘on fire’ with her maths today – doing some great problem solving with mental addition and subtraction. She was not only using a variety of strategies, but was also clearly explaining her thinking using appropriate mathematical vocabulary.

From a parent (Year 7 Student):

As a result of Lynsay’s intervention and support, Veronica’s confidence in tackling Maths and her willingness to try and improve in English has significantly progressed.

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